at Defend Your Colony, the new multiplayergame on your GP2X.


Playable up to 6 people, the GP2X is reached around from move to move and everyone in the group tries to defend its colony.


Certainly it is cost-free and for all those who are interested and not have a GP2X there are also versions available for Window for testing. >>>more

- up to 6 players parallel (6 races)

- perfect for a game during a journey 

- playable with or without a touchscreen

- several game modes including war fog

- opposing success can be detected by the sound

- failure can also be recognized by sound, funny comments guaranteed

- easy to learn, because identical with the boardgame Risk

  • Aug 6, 2008
    Update 1.1

    A new version has been launched. After fixing several bugs this update focuses on a better control function beneath the F100. If you don´t use or have a touchscreen you can control important dialogues in the game also via the standard keys of your GP2X. See key placement under

  • Jun 10, 2008
    New Homepage

    Since today Defend You Colony get his own homepage. We hope, that we can make our game mor popular by this way. If you have any proposals or idea, contact us in our board.

  • Apr 17, 2008
    5. Place at GLBasic Competition 2007/2008

    It's decided. We tried hard but we ve lost. Defend Your Colony get only the 5. place in the contest. But this distaster does not mean, that Defend Your Colony will not developed further more.