Any experience travelling in groups? Hiked through India? Hitch-hiked to Berlin? Or just a simple class trip into the mountains? Then you know how good it is to have your GP2X at hand. The only problem is always that other bored members of the group cannot be kept busy and therefore like to keep you from playing.

Here “Defend your Colony” can assist you and integrate other players. “Defend your Colony” has been inspired from the board game “Risk” and therefore can be explained easily and quick to others. Every player makes his action while the others can only hear what is happening on hand of the sound effects – then the GP2X is reached from player to player.

Planets which can be colonized are rare in the galaxy. Just recently the world “Dnreb” has been discovered. 6 tribes, the most different that can be, have started their journey to make this world their new home. You have control over one of them. Defend your colony!


Defend Your Colony refers to the gaming world of the browser game Skrupel - Tribute Compilation. The races as also the planet can be found there. Though regarding the game principle the two games have nothing in common.



The 30-second-manual is meant for all that have already played the board game “Risk” since “Defend your Colony” is nothing but a adaption of it. Here a list of differences. Just run over the page, look at the chapter with the options and you should be able to start the game.


Instead of the cards infantry, cavalry and artillery there are three different minerals. There are traded in if possible at the beginning of a move.


There are maximum 3 attacks per round possible.

Move units

Per round the units can be moved three times.

Missions Cards

At the moment no mission cards are necessary since the only mission is to captor the world.


If you play alone no virtual component is available at the moment. The countries are occupied per random with other units but to not start any attacks.