Right at the beginning the question appears if the game should be played via touchscreen (only with GP2X F200) or key control. For the touchscreen-version simply touch the screen, for the key control press “X”.

With the decision key control a mouse cursor appears, a mouse click or made with the button „X“.


If you dont want to use your pen, you can controll the most dialogue in game directly.



Before every game various selections can be made in order to fit every taste.


Number of players

One to six players are possible, a single player modus is rather a exception. Since no virtual component is (not yet) available single playing is a training session. In this modus the player receives a sixth part of all countries as starting countries and all others are colonized via a random chance of 1-4.


Just like with the board game „Risk“ the fights are carried out with a six side dice against each other – the attacker and defender each through maximum three dice at once. There is a rule adaption in which the defender has maximum 2 dice available and therefore the expansion in the game is made more easily and the game more exciting.

Here the player can choose between the two versions.

Good bonus

While in the board game „Risk“ you received the cards with the three symbols infantry, cavaltry and artillery after occupying a country in “Defend your Colony” you receive three different kind of minerals. In the past there have been many different variations of the number of armed forces you received in the trade of cards. The two most used variations can be selected:

3 identical minerals         :    5 troops
3 different minerals    :    7 troops

3 times mineral 1            :    4 troops
3 times mineral 2            :    6 troops
3 times mineral 3            :    8 troops

3 different minerals    :    10 troops

Fog of war

The fog of war has the effect that you can only see the countries that border your own countries.

Sound on/off

Here the sound can be deactivated. If it is not disturbing I suggest to activate it since only that way other players can come along if you are processing successfully or wasting troops. This is certainly very helpful for the excitement within the rounds ;-)