Every player has ist own starting screen. After the end of your own move the screen of the next player appears and the GP2X has to be reached on.


The move of every player consists of three phases: Set, attack and move. These three phases are to be run through after another. If a phase should not be possible for a player it is automatically skipped.

The phases

1.    More troops
2.    Attack opponent
3.    Move own troops


A player sets his units. None of his countries border with more than one unit to a country of an other player. An attack therefore is not possible, phase 2 therefore is skipped.

Example 2:

A player has attached in phase 2 a component. After that he only possesses countries with each one troop. One of his countries has more troops but borders on own countries. Therefore no move is possible. After phase two therefore his move has ended.

Before a player can set his troops, first it is calculated how much supply he has in this tround. The supply results from three single positions.



The standard supply consists of three troops per round.

Continent bonus

If a player has a complete own continent he receives a according bonus. The bonus list can be generated any time via the help icon..

Green    : 2 troops
Red    : 5 troops
Blue    : 3 troops
Yellow    : 7 troops
Brown    : 3 troops
Purple    : 5 troops

Goods bonus

If a player has three identical or different minerals these can be traded in according to the setting into troops.