Every player can make three attacks in this phase. If he does not want to do this he can stop this any time.


Mark invader

First the country which is making the attack is marked. Only countries can attack which have more than one troop available since one troop hast to stay back in the attack.

Mark target

As next step the target country is marked. Only countries which border with the invader country can be attacked. Sea borders are marked on the map.


Now it can be selected how many of the own troups can proceed the attack. It should be kept in mind that you cannot attack with troops a own country. All troops that take part in the attack move after a successful fight into the captured country. With “X” you can stop the attack completely.

Calculations in the backround

The calculations of fighting are made in the same way like in the board game „Risk“ – Invader and defender receive per troop a six side dice. The dice are thrown at the same time whereas depending on the setting the invader receives three dice and the defender receives three or only two dice.

The highest dice of the two players are matched – the higher dice wins, whereas with a tie the defender wins.

The same happens with the second highest dice, as also with the lowest.